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Authentic Influencer Podcast

When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bug everyone you know. I am on a mission to prove it doesn't have to be that way. Welcome to the Authentic Influencer Podcast where authenticity is king and profit is a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder. With over 10 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, I've helped thousands of women learned that being an authentic influencer is the key to success. Join me each week as I bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose driven business that is authentic to you.

Dec 17, 2019

Cheryl Sutherland has spent the last 15 years using her insight, joy and incredible gifts as a speaker to rock the personal growth industry while learning and working alongside legends like Bob Proctor and Les Brown. Cheryl founded her company, PleaseNotes, to create affirmation-filled goodies aimed at guiding people through the process of becoming their favorite version of themselves! 

In today’s episode, Brooke and Cheryl share wisdom and thoughts on leveraging gratitude, the importance of journals, and boldly leaving your comfort zone. 

So if the work you’re doing leaves you exhausted because you haven’t found your spark, this episode will open your world.

You’ll Learn  

  •  How to Leverage Gratitude and the Law of Attraction
  •  Asking yourself the juicy questions
  •  Manifesting and visualizing to achieve your goals 
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

Give up the hustle for alignment.” 

 - Cheryl Sutherland

Discount link: Click Here to check out Cheryl’s PleaseNotes website 

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