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Authentic Influencer Podcast

When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bug everyone you know. I am on a mission to prove it doesn't have to be that way. Welcome to the Authentic Influencer Podcast where authenticity is king and profit is a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder. With over 10 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, I've helped thousands of women learned that being an authentic influencer is the key to success. Join me each week as I bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose driven business that is authentic to you.

Nov 5, 2019

“Our job as network marketers is to make friends and share what we have to offer with them.”

Suha Owens (11:37 - 11:42)

Are you wondering why you’re getting no bites on your offer?

You’ve got a great product. But the problem isn’t what you’re selling. It’s how you’re selling it. Suha Owens, an Arbonne Consultant and Health Blogger, can help you re-work your approach to reflect a higher level of authenticity that leads to greater success. Showing your true colors will attract the right clients.

“People want to know who you really are. They’re not interested in facades. They won’t care about your product until they know you care about them so they can care about you.” 

- Suha Owens (13:03 - 13:13)

With the accessibility that social media provides, the potential impact of a network marketer has never been greater. Rather than pushing a product, start pushing your message. Personal posts about your everyday struggles and experiences provide an opportunity for people to get to know, follow, and join your movement.

How to Remain Authentic When Posting Online

Be conversational. The last thing you want is to meet someone online or in-person and make them feel like you’re trying to sell them something. Don’t just “word vomit” your sales pitch. Try to create friendships first through real conversations. 

Remove expectations. In these real conversations, someone may disclose a problem that you have a solution for. This would be the right moment for you to share what you have to offer. But, emphasize that there’s no pressure. 

Practice vulnerability. Open yourself up. It can be scary to step outside of your comfort zone and show the world who you are. But if you can inspire, encourage, or lift just one person, it would be worth it. Be courageous and ridiculously authentic in your content. 

“Done is better than perfect. Just get yourself out there.” 

- Brooke Elder (20:01 - 20:05)

You can make a difference in the world. You just have to put yourself out there and make some friends. As always, we’re here to help. Stop deleting or second-guessing your posts. Give people the chance to get to know you. The real you.

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