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Authentic Influencer Podcast

When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bug everyone you know. I am on a mission to prove it doesn't have to be that way. Welcome to the Authentic Influencer Podcast where authenticity is king and profit is a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder. With over 10 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, I've helped thousands of women learned that being an authentic influencer is the key to success. Join me each week as I bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose driven business that is authentic to you.

Apr 13, 2021

Why having a Clear vision Matters


“If you don’t have a clear vision of where you're going, you're not ever going to reach your goals.”


Brooke Elder


In episode 135 Brooke talks about the importance of having a clear vision and why that even matters. What is it that you're trying to create in your business and what is your WHY? 


Companies want you to identify what your why and have a deep why. And that really becomes your vision of where you want to go. If you don’t have a deep why it is easy to give up or quit when you run into obstacles or hard things. So this is why having a clear vision really matters. .


“Having a vision separates the people that are successful in reaching their goals and people who are not successful.” - Brooke Elder.


Brooke illustrates this in an example of going on a road trip from California to New York to visit the Statue of Liberty. What routes are we going to take to get there? How are we going to get there? What does gas cost on the way there and looking at, okay, well, are you going to drive straight through? ? Where are you going to stop? Where are you going to sleep? And what are you going eat along the way?


You need to answer those questions, because then when you're on the road, you get in your car, you're all excited. And you have something that breaks. Maybe your alternator goes out or you have a bad battery in your car. You have things that happen. You're not going to quit because you have another goal that's just right there. You're like, well, I just got to get this fixed because my plan is to stay here tonight. And so you're not looking at this big goal clear on the other side of the country that you have to hit, you are looking at, Oh, well, I just have to here, that's all. It makes it a lot easier to push through those hard things because you have a goal at the end.


So the vision is really, we have this long-term vision, but we know what's going to happen a month from now. We know we're going to be three months from now, six months from now, two years from now, 10 years from now, because all of those little things are the things that are going to lead up to that big vision so that makes it, so we're not just going to give up.


So how do you create a clear vision? You need to know where you're going and what's your end goal. Brooke tells about her why when she first started network marketing and the struggles that she had along the way. She thought she had a pretty good why, but it wasn't deep enough because she hit things that were hard and she ended up quitting.


Two years later she joined another network marketing company and really got down to that deeper why that really fueled her vision. Then it was really easy to get clear on all the things that had to happen in order for this vision to come true and then she could set the benchmarks. When you have the intention of this is where I'm going you can see the signs everywhere that are pointing you in the right direction. 


“It takes like seven times of asking why to really get to that deep, deep rooted of why it truly, truly is important to you.” - Brooke Elder


Brooke would love to hear from you and have you share your why. She has a Facebook group called the Authentic Influencer Marketing Facebook group, and it has about 14,000 network marketers to connect with and are there to help and support you. If you don't feel comfortable telling 14,000 people your why, tell someone because it creates this kind of accountability. 


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